Delicious, mouth watering Christmas Puddings

Fund Raising

Our offer to you.

Here at Peg’s Puds we understand the difficulty of constant fund raising for specific causes.  We have a product that sells well, with excellent returns for relatively small efforts (on your part).

So why would we be telling you about it?  Because you have potential customers that we can’t reach.  By making our product available to you at a reduced rate, we are both enabled to raise the desperately needed funds we are always looking for to fund our projects.

Whether you are the local school P & C, a community based charity or a missions group, we can guarantee you a good profit from the sale of Peg’s Puds.

There are two ways that you can run your fund raising program with Peg’s Puds.  Either distribute order forms among your members and we will deliver the required amount on an agreed date for you to distribute, or decide on the number of puddings you anticipate selling (say for a market stall) and again we will deliver them on the required date. Payment would be made on delivery.

We will provide you with a brochure and order form template designed with your specific details ready for you to print and distribute to your target group.  The recommended retail price for 2013 is $20 for a un-dressed 1kg pudding or $22 for a dressed pudding (that is with calico and ribbon), (much less than most of our competitors).  For every pudding sold you will receive approx $5.00 e.g. sell 100 puddings, raise $500.00. (These prices can be negotiated).

One of the best ways to encourage purchase is to have a taste test, so if it is relevant to your situation we are happy to supply a pudding to be cut into small sample pieces for tempting.

Peg’s Puds are produced under the banner of Real Life Church Cessnock, NSW, in the Moorebank Vineyard Estate commercial kitchen.  The ingredients are – Plain flour, mixed fruit, sultanas, marg, brown sugar, bread crumbs, eggs, mixed spice, bi carb of soda, rum.  They have a fridge life of 6 months and over 12 months if frozen.  They are just as delicious served as a cold snack or heated as a desert with custard.

Our only requirements in supplying Peg’s Puds to your fund raising program is that you are a typical fund raising organisation using the profits for necessary projects for your relative community and that you are within 50km of Cessnock, NSW,

Please fill in the form below for further information or to discuss your fund raising program further.


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