Delicious, mouth watering Christmas Puddings


Peg’s Puds has been making Christmas puddings for about 30 years.  Production started in Peg Hewson’s humble kitchen in the early 80’s while she and Ken were pastoring the Weston Uniting Church.  Peg donated a few puddings for the annual fete stall and those who bought the puddings came back begging for more.

After Peg retired and moved to Junee she continued to cook puddings, finally handing the whole process over to her daughter Joyce when she and Ken moved to Port Macquarie.

Joyce has been continuing this fund raising ministry for the last 13 years, making the puddings available for a variety of mission groups to sell among their members to raise funds for their projects.

In 2012 Joyce’s son James and his wife Karen joined her in production and were offered the use of a commercial kitchen in the vineyards which allows Peg’s Puds to be sold publicly and therefore extending the ministry in a huge way.

Peg’s Puds mission goal is to aid other fund raising groups to raise funds for their programs which enables all of us to progress in the programs for which we are responsible.


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